A conversation of consciousness for those who exist.

by anna phorra

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'A conversation of consciousness for those who exist.' was conceived originally in late 2015, but not recorded until the summer of 2016. This EP is the product of many individual struggles, lineup changes, and a huge amount of effort.

The music of 'A conversation of consciousness for those who exist.' offers yet another stylistic shift, that is still reminiscent of a lot of the core sounds that we have used historically. Conceptually, this release is inspired by metaphysical and theoretical concepts of The Multiverse, and the theoretical ethics thereof, particularly surrounding death, awareness, consciousness, and existence.

We think that this is our most personal and emotionally charged release to date. We hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it.

We would like to put out a huge thanks to everyone who has supported us so far and continues to do so. We very much appreciate appreciate all of you. Huge thanks also to Ardo for the art.


released August 30, 2016

Anna Phorra is:

Garrett Peterson (lyrics/vocals)
Katie Manchak (drums)
Clay Francis (bass)
Albert Nish (guitars)

Cover art - Ardo Ahmed

Compositions - Anna Phorra
Production - Anna Phorra
Mixing - Albert Nish, Katie Manchak, Clay Francis
Mastering - Clay Francis



all rights reserved


anna phorra Edmonton, Alberta

our band is one huge existential crisis

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Track Name: Jordan & Jackson
I am what lies beneath the roots of all your trees
beneath your animosity
I’m trying to correct the blame
but its all for naught
your lips are so soft
hang on
time just stops
if I should live a century
lock me up in a penitentiary
Track Name: Nature, Revisited: Pt. 1
I’ve been sitting around and doing nothing
its fun
getting purposefully ensnared in this web that i spun
heres another toast to me
lets smoke one
can’t remember any history
or the sun
I know I’m behind the times
can’t seem to get this shit out of my eyes
please let me turn back time rewind
to the year 2014 month july
when my worlds collide
and i spilled out my insides
where i lost track of all time
when my conviction died
when i stopped caring about my entire life
tell me a tale of how you spilled out your insides
write me a letter in the mail of how you exhaled
the need for scenery to be stratified
I’m quite dissatisfied
or maybe just unqualified
why can’t i unwind
i can’t seem to find my mind
can i blink away the fucking constant replay in my brain
can i wrap myself in cellophane
stab a knife into my jugular vein
Track Name: A Record of Our Anxiety
forgive me, i just have one question
Have you ever spent an entire day in the same place
(screaming to yourself, bonded by frustration)
have you ever sat and let your brain decay
(please not again, no not again)
and your body waste
I can honestly say that Im not impressed
(not obsessed)
by your words or your fickle dress
and I’m not angry
its ironic how generic i am
its deceiving how receiving my words can be
falling up the stairway
crying on my birthday
hey its okay to admit you have nothing to say
when you’re trying to get through the day
if i bear it who will swear it the same
if i perish who will cherish my name
to say I’m anxious would be a downplay
just trying to get through the day
but why be alone with your mind
when you can dance in a trance all the time
no second chances or glances left in this rhyme
protect your next of kin
seize love and chance and call it sin
we all can win
if we simply turn our chin
and wait for the day
when our should departs our skin
yes we all can win
join me in this assembly of morse code
where we discuss our failures in great discourse
holding back with no remorse
forget the day you really felt alive at its source
this i endorse
i am empty
i am proud
relying on gravity and sound
do you ever hope for a day when you have found your way
im circling around
my fate leaps in bounds
without a sound
the pathway seems straight but its really round
im circling around without a sound
you think that you’re limitless but you’re bound
eternally stuck on the ground
Track Name: Conscious Thoughts
try to tell you something it goes out the other ear
so let me be crystal clear here
just another cold spring night
but I’m locked outside
the stars seem bright but my mind’s lost deep in vacant tides
just in it for the ride
i had a dream last night
i was surfing through the soundscapes of my memory
every chorus emanated a beautiful catastrophe
like a part of me
and i can hardly see
the landscape in front of me
i called the name that would set me free
a pillar of light, a familiar face
a sudden feeling of disgrace
i had a dream last night
i spoke to a dear old childhood friend
i asked him how he thought that our world would end
fleeting conceding
heart still beating
i predict my end
its as sure to come as the loss of my dear old childhood friend
i won’t get down on my knees and pray
and spout the same old rhetoric
i won’t think of death ill just ignore it
i had a dream last night
that i spoke to jesus
an attempt at closure
for my broken pieces
you can try to ascertain a meaning
thats all just your feelings
but still i have that familiar feeling
heart peeling
the sensors in my brain are reeling
for the sake of familiar feeling
and still i have that familiar ceiling
no feeling
or anything that resembles a meaning
but still i have that familiar feeling
any feeling for a meaning
any meaning for a feeling
Track Name: A Snail (Life is Unfair)
another morning passes by
another day i almost wished id die
but trust me theres no need to be kind
theres a fine line
between almost and death
and its well defined
and it’s all mine
imagine if i was original
believe me I’ve tried
but frankly everything has been well discussed
there was so many others before me i trust
but you can rehash if you must
i can talk of how I’m dust
purpose is bust
or how god is never just
but at the end of the day
I’m just another fucking animal that didn’t get their way
what a provoking story!
so much glory!
is there anything left that isn’t so goddamn boring
is it bedtime yet
can i shut my eyes
so much pent up energy
just evolution in disguise
you’re told it means purpose
but thats a cruel lie
another mourning passes by
another day i almost wish id die
imagine giving false hope, the depravity
to a speck on another speck held by gravity
imagine thinking you can change a thing, the vanity
I’m trying to defy-
I’m trying to define my sanity
just how is apathy
the abnormality