bowling team

by anna phorra

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released February 21, 2015

Recorded sporadically during the months of December 2014 & January 2015 in Clay's basement, Albert's room, and Garrett's room.
Mixed & mastered by Albert & Clay, respectively.

Garrett, Anders, Albert, Clay, Nathan.



all rights reserved


anna phorra Edmonton, Alberta

our band is one huge existential crisis

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Track Name: impromptu skate session
I kissed your lips and tasted blood i felt you shutting down
my heart races down upon me and it feels so real and it feels so sweet
sifting through my grief and sorrow
love don’t take me only borrow
I wear my heart on my sleeve
cos it feels so real
and it feels so sweet
so real so sweet my king
we don’t belong here save me
now it’s clear that were just singing along
now its clear that were just playing a game
so fortunate behind the veil
and now you bring me back for more
fuck you
were just playing a game
and now i see that we’ll both be the same
then we’ll both be the same
nothing changes me
all my life I’ve wondered
all my life I'm slaughtered
i can’t pretend
the glass is breaking eyes are shaking now scream “whats next”
i won’t pretend
my heart is only inches from my skin
ill scream whats next
the glass is only inches from my skin
nothing, nowhere
inches from skin
Track Name: a bear stole me glory
I am a humble man you are the son of sand
slipped through my fingers as i curse towards the stars cast
i am resilient now can only guess how
something must have clicked or struck a chord and it makes me sick
how sick can you be?
broken bottles and empty trash cans
and now i see the horror inside of me
whats more and now i forget the glory inside of me
the horror inside of me
despair growing inside of she
i hope you never forget me
our two bodies together as we- together!
now as we-
ya! its fun to be on the right side of the blame
define eventually his conscience whispered
i know ill get out (he knows he’ll get out) eventually
then his conscience whispered define eventually
Now, Run. turn tail
turn tail to nowhere
define eventually
theres no turning back
you’re turning tail
save yourself your bodies going through hell
you put smoke in your lungs for fun its fucked
turn tail and run
you escape that feeling but you don’t respect the meaning
Track Name: all the girls i find pretty are all the girls who don't like me
i know its endless, try to start again
i speak in tongues again
i don’t want you to notice again
something is speaking but not from the wind
it hovers in doorways the last of our kin
won’t you hear them?
what do you hope to gain?
everything is settled for now and ever again
every time it stays the same and every time you speak my name
it burns the same
every word you ever said and every look i ever spent it hurts
it burns it hurts again
Track Name: american degrees
a tragedy, a fallacy, im restless
nerves trembling
you’re nobody, and now i see that I’m but a speck of dust in the wind
true happiness - a tragedy, a fallacy
cry for what you hope to achieve
die for what you claim to believe
what do you hope to be?
I’m so angry no ones sorry!
i like it and so do they but
no one is sorry and I’m to blame
no one is sorry but they are to blame!
its time to be sorry for letting them win!
punch your card in every day
now i feel sorry for letting them win
its such a shame that we don’t fall apart
we live life as martyrs but never get shot
its such a shame no ones sorry
its such a shame all the time wasted
its such a shame on this glorious day
you stand on my heart
its such a shame
your eyes pull me apart
Track Name: minigolfing with tiger woods
time rolling by
every day it turns
“every day I’m dying every day you curse”
I’m patiently awaiting certain death or something
won’t you join me?
and theres nothing you can do to fix it
I’m certainly awaiting certain death or something
"i won’t die today" but its certain you can pay
I harbor a creature not known of this world
it rests in my ribcage now perfectly curled
thats not your real face no its only a mask
I’m starting to think I’m not equipped for this task
I won’t be told what to do
“I take away your thoughts”
mind your thoughts
jesus won’t take it? well damn son thats final
won’t you join me?
Track Name: yesterday you said tomorrow
my heart races down upon me
like I said before, were you not listening?
My conscience whispered a new tale last night
this is anaphora
i really know theres something wrong with me
hippocampus breaking madness
a new change in tune
skies are clearing up for me
so as I speak my last words
you’re sanctified of your thirst
theres nothing left to achieve
you’re no longer my lady
so ladies and gentleman vacate the city
theres a plan in place and resisted by many
so locate the speakers and vacate the city
theres a plan in place and resisted by many
and insanity befalls, theres nothing you can do to change it
again, this is anaphora
and insanity befalls, theres nothing left to say
wonder about me don’t you?
every time i see your eyes i fall apart
hateful and dead, I’m restless
im restless I’m losing control
im restless for me and you
but theres nothing we can down
theres nothing left that we can do
and still I’m restless for me and you
for you and I